Benefits of Outsourcing Your Commercial Cleaning

Reduce Costs

Having employees clean your facility may appear to be a less expensive alternative to outsourcing your cleaning to a professional commercial cleaning service, but there are many aspects to the true cost of this choice. The true cost of each employee goes beyond the hourly wage that is paid, including:

  • Salary
  • Payroll taxes
  • Benefits (insurance, 401K, vacation and sick pay, etc.)

Next, there are the costs involved with hiring an employee, training the employee, and managing the employee. Often, these tasks take time away from the core business and can be detrimental to your daily operations.

By outsourcing your cleaning, you have one fee to pay which encompasses the personnel, training, management, supplies, equipment, and quality control. This provides a stable budget figure and allows you to focus on improving your business.

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In most situations an employee used to clean a facility was originally hired for another task. Asking a worker whose sole focus isn’t to clean it can often lead to poor performance at this additional task and possibly all of their duties.

Also, a worker at the end of their shift, when most cleaning is done, is not going to be as focused as one whose sole responsibility is to clean. Then there is the value of experience and the education of the worker, knowledge of industry standards and improvements in techniques, supplies and equipment.

By outsourcing with a professional commercial cleaning service, you benefit from a company whose sole focus is to providing a clean building to their customers.


By outsourcing your cleaning, you gain the flexibility to add or reduce manpower to your cleaning crew without the hassle of managing the transition.

Whether it’s a one-time event, seasonal, short- or long-term, the ability to handle changes to your cleaning needs is often as easy as a phone call.